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Roaming Performance Intelligence 


Every day thousands of Quality of Service tests are run and KPI measurements are taken in all parts of the world via our GlobalRoamer platform. These measurements provide unique benchmark information which SIGOS can share within the GlobalRoamer community through our Roaming Performance Intelligence Solution.

Our Roaming Performance Intelligence Tool gives you access to all Performance Data and allows you to look beyond your own test results in order to compare them with averages in GlobalRoamer. 

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Vincenzo Fiorentino - Technical Product Manager, Roaming and Interconnect                             

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Vincenzo has been working  as a Technical Product Manager in the Roaming and Interconnect Business Unit at SIGOS. He has 23 years experience in telecommunications with the last 12 years spent in Roaming and Interconnect.

Vincenzo spent his international carrier as a technical manager for mobile operators and network and handset manufacturers.