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Inbound Roaming Market Share 

You know how much your piece of the pie is worth, but do you know how big the entire pie is?

Find out how the roaming traffic is distributed in your country.

With our new Inbound Roaming Market Share Report we can help you to get hold of this very strategic information to improve roaming revenues. 

SIGOS, the leader in Roaming Quality of Service testing, can tailor your Inbound Roaming Market Share report to your exact needs.

Tune in to our 15 mins webinar and find out more!


                                                 Ann Heyse
           Product Marketing Manager, Roaming and Interconnect                             

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Ann has been working in the Roaming and Interconnect Business at Sigos for the last 10 years and has 19 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry and more particularly in Roaming Engineering.