How to Take Your Mobile App Test Automation Program to the Next Level 



How to Take Your Mobile App Test Automation to the Next Level

The need to deliver new, compelling mobile app experiences more quickly than ever makes it more difficult to ensure apps meet quality standards in time for launch. The competing priorities of time to market vs. quality necessitate performing as much of your repetitive testing with automation as possible.

Whether you are just starting your automation program, or have a working build acceptance or regression test suite, the higher the percentage of your regression tests that can be automated, the better. In this webinar, we will talk about a number of tricks and techniques that can easily be used to automate what seem like tricky use cases, allowing you to take your automation to the next level.

You will learn how to: 

  • Automate the device configuration process by getting your new build onto your target devices
  • Handle new iOS10 interactions when initializing your tests
  • Work with secure Android apps
  • Programmatically deal with external or environmental changes


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