Critical Retail App Testing and Monitoring for the Holidays

Webinar: Thursday, October 26 at 11am PT | 2pm ET


Another holiday season is upon us. For some this is exciting but for retail development teams, it's a stressful time. Nearly 1 million mobile retail apps will be installed around Thanksgiving and Black Friday and developer teams know that customer retention is a critical challenge. Staying competitive means having solid functionality and optimal performance, otherwise customers will move onto competitor apps. Floundering apps will be removed while successful retail apps will convey simplicity, reliable features, smooth performance, and ultimately move products.

Join this webinar to learn a comprehensive approach for ensuring essential workflow functionality before a retail app is released and then monitoring the production app by analyzing performance metrics on real devices in the cloud.

Learn objectives:

  • Understand the consequences for retail apps that perform poorly 
  • Common pitfalls of retail apps and things that should be avoided 
  • How to easily develop automated mobile test cases to ensure essential functionality 
  • How to set up and measure true user experience from the view of real devices 
  • Analyzing a breakdown of performance spikes in user transactions