Mobile Insurance Apps and Need-to-Know Winning Strategies

Webinar: Tuesday, February 13 at 9am PT | 12pm ET | 6pm CET

Mobile Insurance Apps and Need-to-Know Winning Strategies

Mobile technology is changing the way insurance companies approach their business models. As an industry, like many others, they are actively breaking down internal department silos in favor of becoming more cohesive, agile, and scalable across the organization.

Within this shift of dismantling legacy traditions, challenges continue to emerge. Considering the connected world we live in today, there’s fierce competition to satisfy customers with personalized products and services. The insurance industry is continuously investing in human-technology interfaces that leverage mobile devices, integrate communication systems, and provide on-demand assistance.

For example, the top 5 auto insurance apps in 2017 had these innovations in common:

  • One-click roadside assistance
  • Submitting accident claims and photos in real time within an app
  • Finding a local agent
  • Gas station finders
  • Accessing insurance documents, bill pay

Quality assurance continues to be a critical component for customer adoption. Users want an intuitive insurance experience that works! Mobile app test automation is a necessity because it’s impossible to validate everything manually.

In this webinar, learn how to build a solid mobile test automation and app monitoring strategy, and how it can be applied across the enterprise. Get a free demo of automation development and monitoring scenarios in action as they pertain to auto insurance apps specifically, which can be applied across the insurance industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of device and OS fragmentation on insurance apps
  • Discuss how to critically analyze the user experience of insurance apps
  • Know when to test and re-test your app within the development lifecycle
  • Understand how to employ mobile app automation tools along the process and leverage analytics