Strategic Approach to Test and Monitor Banking and Finance Mobile Apps

Webinar: Thursday, December 14 at 11am PT | 2pm ET


Like many heavily regulated industries, financial services have to balance between offering innovative finance apps and remaining within compliance criteria.

Cutting-edge features, such as automated money management, budgeting, and personalized financial advice are all being packaged into today's dynamically evolving mobile technology. But with each new advancement, the daunting task of remaining within compliance and regulation is a critical reality.

How does a financial institution know where to invest their future mobile app development efforts, and how do they know which platforms and tools to select to help them get there?

In this webinar you’ll learn what financial institutions need to do in order to retain existing customers while also attracting new ones with advanced mobile technologies.

Learn about the impact of regulation and compliance as it relates to finance apps, and get a live demo of practical testing and monitoring scenarios in action that can help protect your mobile development team from costly penalties.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the challenges within the financial services industry, including competition and compliance/regulation concerns
  • Describe the demographics of who is actually consuming finance apps and how this impacts the future
  • Identify how to easily develop automated mobile test cases around essential financial service features from both the functional and compliance standpoint
  • Discuss how to develop solutions that monitor critical financial transactions