Mobile Testing with Appium and Continuous Integration


Webinar: Thursday, April 20 at 11am PT | 2pm ET

Mobile Testing with Appium and Continuous Integration - SIGOS App Experience

A popular framework to create and run tests for continuous integration (CI), which speeds up release cycles and uncover deficiencies in mobile applications, is Appium, a free open-source automation tool. Appium allows you to run unit and functional regression tests without having to add any third-party framework or extension into your application, so the application you test is the same one you ship to production.

Testing on real mobile devices is key when testing any native, hybrid, or mobile web app. With Jenkins, another free open-source tool, Appium can integrate with SIGOS App Experience, and give testers the ability to test on the largest device pool available and assess any challenges fragmentation presents.

Join this webinar to learn the step-by-step approach to start implementing these mobile testing tools, and release your mobile apps faster and with better results.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss the latest capabilities and features within Appium
  • Understand the architecture, components, and setup of Appium on your local machine
  • Review the best practices for creating and designing a test framework that supports Appium
  • Discover how to accomplish continuous integration with Appium and Jenkins on App Experience


koch_james_150x175.jpg James Koch, CTFL, is a solutions architect for Quilmont, an advanced automation firm, based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. James understands the philosophies for automating testing and is well versed in the most popular frameworks, including Appium. He is an ISTQB certified software tester and an active member of the ASTQB.